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i went on the weirdest trip...i went to Hearst Castle and its not really a castle its just a huge mansion. its nice though. i wouldnt mind living there with a hot lover ;) annnd then we went to creeptown, USA a.k.a. Solveign. many people there, yet its dead silent, no blacks, and everything closes at 6pm. AWESOME. at least i got to skate it. smooth ground and empty streets make for a happy daniel. no cops either! and then we left for home and on the way back we stopped by Tanforan mall in Sf and i got a bitchin Postal Service shirt. yep...uhm i must be dreaming. my mind is moving too fast for my body and i think i just severed a tendon, oh joy! i wrote a story and painted another picture for someone its a...something. youll just have to guess. cause i cant explain the things that come forth from my mental anguish. its fun though.
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peaceful at the end of my rope
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Blatz - Homemade Speed
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