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after 2 days of ownership, i got my video ipod stolen at school. and you know what? life is grand. it really is. cause i really dont care how long it took me to gather that money. i dont care that i got it stolen. i really dont. im happy. now i KNOW theres something wrong with me. cause im numb in the hearrrrrrtt. i have no feelings. i cant be sad or mad. i cant feel a little love. i cant feel stressed. i just sit and rock myslef to happiness. cause nothing matters. all i need is the clouds in my pocket and the sugar in my mouth. click click click bang bang. i think im going to be sick. i felt so bad yesterday. i felt like throwing up. i felt really dizzy like i couldnt see straight and there was a haze over my vision. and i had a headache. im not too sure why...
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numb numb
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The Blood Brothers - Siamese Gun
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